spinster: an unmarried woman and especially one past the common age for marrying

I read a lot of classic children’s books. If I had a brother, my fate would be to keep his house for him and the village would mutter about me being an old maid and I might teach something nice and gentle like the piano. But I don’t have a brother and my only sister can do her own housework and I can’t even play the piano anyway.

These days, you’re not a social failure for not being married at 32. These days, you might be a social failure if you don’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol, have a romantic partner or any interest in having children. So I’m a disgrace and this is a lifestyle blog, all about the life and times of an old maid in the twenty-first century.

My other blogs:
I Am A Polar Bear – a blog about travel, adventures & the frozen north.

Arctic Bear Books – a book blog


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