March favourites

Where has March gone? It seems five minutes ago it was February and I was in Norway. It’s time to do my March Favourites and… it doesn’t feel like I’ve had any. March has been mostly work, Guides/Rangers and catching up on sleep.


I bought some jeans! I haven’t had jeans for years and it was quite exciting to finally acquire some. They’re dark grey and slim-legged, which is very different to the ones I used to have which were mostly darkish blue and bootcut or faded baby blue and boyfriend-style. I keep looking at my legs and giggling. I’m also very fond of the sparkly glittery trainers I bought.


I’m still trying to learn to do this. I’ve been watching Broadchurch and although I’m determined to stick it out to the end and be able to discuss it at work, I got to the point this week where I’m losing track of who’s who (and also struggling to understand my own native accent). Maybe that’s because I had to be up at 5am Swiss time to get three trains back to the airport. I also watched the first six episodes of Spooks season 2, having misplaced the season 1 DVDs. Fortunately, I’ve watched season 1 many times over the last fifteen or so years so I know who’s who and what’s going on. I also understand what’s going on a bit better than I did last time I tried to rewatch Spooks. I’ve become a little more politically aware.


We’re listening to Smooth FM at work and that works better for my 50+ colleagues than for me. I’m still liking Taylor Swift and Hot Springs Kerið, a CD of Icelandic music aimed at introducing tourists to lesser-known artists. There are now five Hot Springs CDs and I have the latest two. But other than that, I mostly don’t either encounter or seek out new music.


Give me a chance, I’m still trying to get to grips with TV, which I can watch without a forty minute drive to the nearest cinema. I’ve watched Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and the first Thor on DVD this month – the fact that I own them both on DVD is evidence that I like them.


This month I finished Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, started & finished Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire but mostly I read Mount! by Jilly Cooper. I’ll write about that on my book blog at the weekend, if you’re interested.


I saw three comedies this month. I saw Andy Parsons, Sara Pascoe and Jon Richardson. They’re all very good. Last time I saw Sara Pascoe at the Union Chapel she seemed nervous and falling over her words, so it was good and slightly surprising to see her so confident and so good. I have a particular soft spot for Andy Parsons, who I’ve now seen five times.


Well, I did my first Scrapbook 2017 page – a big panoramic page on Norway. When I’ve got some more pictures, I’ll do the other three pages, plus the other events. I also spent a long weekend in Switzerland – well, by the time I arrived late on Friday and left first thing on Monday it was more of an ordinary weekend and that’ll be on I Am A Polar Bear on Saturday.

I’m starting a new job next week, I’ll be working four days so I bet April will fly by even more quickly.


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