What’s In My Bag?

Another post more suited to YouTube – everyone likes to have a nose at what people are carrying around with them, so here’s my bag and its contents.

The bag


Over the years I’ve had an assortment of bags and backpacks but in January, I decided it was time I had a proper bag like a grown-up. Well, actually, I’ve had grown-up bags before. I own a navy-blue Kipling bag but it’s tiny and I can’t get a book in it so I gave up using it. This particular bag is from Matalan and it was about £14. For that price, I doubt it’s real leather and suede but the body is leather and the flap is suede with a nice whipstitch detail (blanket stitch!) around it. It’s nice and big and inside it has one main section and two smaller pockets inside the lining.


First, and most importantly, my sunglasses. I’m a vampire, I can’t do bright light and I wear them on what other people consider cloudy overcast days because as far as I’m concerned, the cloud is simply spreading the sunlight over the entire sky rather than concentrating it in one little circle. These are prescription and they’re slightly green-tinted, so I see colours quite beautifully and with no glare.


Next up is my purse. I’ve had a lovely giraffe-fur pattern wallet ever since I was fourteen but the zip finally broke last year and the coins kept escaping and it’s taken nearly a year to find a suitable replacement. The little blue one I was given for Christmas was, again, too small.


This is the inside. It contains: my driving licence, a book token, two credit cards, a debit card and a PIN for a card that doesn’t belong to me. On the other side are my Trefoil Guild and Girlguiding membership cards, my Longleat annual pass and my Archery GB licence card. There are two long pockets on the left, for notes and receipts and each side has a big pouch. I keep my coins in the right side and my other cards (Hobbycraft club card, Cotswold Explore More card etc) and in the left side I keep things for Guides and Rangers, mostly. Badges, receipts to reclaim.


Next, my phone. Usually it’s charging by my bed but I’ve taken it out specially for this photo. My keys don’t get the same treatment, they’re downstairs where I need them. My phone lives in a nice purple and grey felt case that I made myself.


There’s always a book. At the moment it’s Jilly Cooper’s latest, Mount! She’s beginning to run out of names – Tab’s son is called Timon and Trixie’s son is called Hereward and we also have Gala, Lark, Jemmy, Clover, Valent, Gee Gee, Simmy and Sauvignon. I know there have always been unusual names but the ratio of weird to normal has changed hugely since Riders. Anyway, I’m not very far into this but I’m enjoying it. It’s very Jilly Cooper.


This is the blog book, for when I’m out and about (at work at lunchtime, interval of comedy shows) and I want to write a blog. Sometimes it comes easier to a pen than a keyboard. It’s a very pretty book and it’s been sitting on my shelf since Christmas because I didn’t know what to do with it.


My print-at-home ticket for going to see Sara Pascoe in Bournemouth last night. Yes, she’s very good.


We celebrated St Patrick’s Day on Thursday at work, since a third of the staff don’t work Fridays, and we celebrated it by bringing in things to do with potatoes. This is my answer sheet for the “identify the potato” quiz the Chief Accountant brought in. As you can, I know very little about potatoes. I spotted a sweet potato and that was it.


My diary, which you might recognise from Plan With Me.


In the back inner pocket, I need this lot. A Sharpie for comedian t-shirt signing and two ordinary pens. In the little Icelandair case are my earphones – I got this little box with some complementary earphones when I was randomly upgraded over the summer but I don’t get on with them, so I’ve put my own in there and it does keep them nice and safe and not too tangled.


Yes, I’m a girl. I haven’t got round to putting the mud mask in the bathroom yet and I keep the eyeshadow and mascara for when I go out. And then I don’t wear it, because I’m terrible at putting it on and I look like a five-year-old in mummy’s makeup.


There’s no money on this book token but I don’t know, I like to keep them, even if that means I’m constantly handing over a pair of them and saying “I think there’s some money on one of them, but I don’t know which one.” Sorry, bookshops.

There’s a pile of receipts and wrappers that I’m not going to show you. I’ve now binned them.


This is one of those little folding shopping bags – the bag itself is in the passenger footwell of my car with two tins of custard in it.




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