My first ever Primark haul!

Oh, I’ve watched a few Primark hauls on YouTube but I’ve never been to Primark and just hauled. I go there if there’s something I need or if I think I might fancy buying a thing or two but mostly I just buy plain men’s t-shirts in assorted colours. However, I’ve been trying to be a bit more office-casual at work and I need some more clothes and I’m trying to be a bit less oversized-t-shirt at home so…

Without further ado:


In a way, this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever bought. I bought it because it looked like the sort of thing Robin Hood or a Viking would wear and I bought it in brown and in a sort of muddy green and it looks terrible in the picture. However, it’s so soft and so light and it’s actually a really flattering fit. It comes down to about two inches above my knee and although it’s really a dressing-up item, I think I would wear it to work with leggings and some slouchy leather boots (there’s a lovely pair my mother bought from Primark who knows how long ago – she’s never taken the label off them, so I’ll be wearing them with these lovely tunics). They cost £10 each.


Next is a plain red vest top, to be worn under things or maybe to be worn peeking out.  This was a whole £1.80.


My office can be on the chilly side, so I collect cardigans and I like the bright red and orange stripes in this. I haven’t yet figured out what it’ll go best with – maybe my black dress, definitely my red boots. This was the most expensive of all my items at £14.


I’m really not a dusky pink sort of girl but I thought this was the sort of jumper I could wear to work that would make people say “Oh, that’s lovely, where did you get it from?” Primark seems to have a lot of black, grey, khaki and this dusky pink at the moment and I already wear too much black, I don’t like khaki and that particular shade of grey doesn’t feel all that work-friendly. So this is cute and it’s soft and it’s £8.


You can’t go wrong with a plain striped t-shirt – plain as in unfussy rather than plain as in unpatterned. I thought this would go well for layering, or even under a black waistcoat with my work trousers. £3.


This looks really long. I haven’t tried it on but I think it’s going to come down past my knees. It’s a little softer than I expected. I’m a bit picky about texture, I don’t like that stiff cotton-shirt feeling but this is pretty soft and possibly a little sheerer than it looks. It was £13 and I bought a yellow belt for £2 to give it some shape.


This is another simple top for work, just a long-sleeved black top but it has ruffles around the seams where the sleeves join the body, so it’s cute and it was £5


I have mostly always carried a backpack or a slouchy satchel but I’m trying to be a bit more of a grown-up so I have a real handbag now and I bought this mostly because I couldn’t resist the bright blue zips. It’s not big enough to take my purse or a book but I thought I might use it on days when I don’t want to carry my entire life in my big bag. £7


I wish you could really see how glittery these are. I’ve been after some glittery trainers for two years but all I’ve really found are either skyscraper heels, children’s sizes or the sort of fabric that sparkles under direct halogen light. These are proper glitter and they’re partly silver and partly baby pink, although you can’t really see it in the photo. I think I might invest in some pink laces for them. They’re amazing and they were £10


I painted my nails Barry M Molten Metals Copper Mine yesterday, so I fancied some jewellery to match them, despite the fact that they’re already chipped at the ends. There are some here I’m already more likely to wear than others and they were, as you can see, £2.50.


And the last thing! A while ago, I bought some silver eyeshadow and mascara but when I attempted to put the eyeshadow on, it looked ridiculous. YouTubers seem to use brushes rather than the sponge that comes with them, so I thought I’d try it. However, I’m thirty-one and if I haven’t mastered makeup by now, chances are I’m not going to.

So that’s my first Primark haul and probably my last for at least a year because that was a lot of money to spend all at once, even if I did need most of it.


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