February favourites!

I didn’t have time for a lot of favourites in February. I was away the first weekend at Sparkle & Ice, a winter survival camp with my Guides which was hellish, I spent the next week and a half cleaning and drying tents, going to work, sleeping and then packing up said tents. I slept the next weekend away, spent the next one in London and then promptly went to Norway and spent the last few days recovering from that.

I did read some books. I particularly enjoyed – if enjoyed is the right word, given the subject matter – Yrsa Sigurðardóttir’s Ashes to Dust and I found Owen Sheers’ I Saw A Man stuck in my head for a few days and actually unsettled me more than I expected.

I’m not a TV person but I did see the first episode of the latest series of Broadchurch and enjoyed it – with the same caveat as Ashes to Dust. Actually, exactly the same caveat.

Only two comedies in February. I saw Ed Byrne, who I’ve seen many times before and like a lot, and I saw Jimeoin who I’ve only seen once at a festival. I like him. He seems like he doesn’t know what he’s doing or even how he ended up on the stage but he does know exactly what he’s doing, he’s been doing it and doing it well for a long time and he was really big in the nineties apparently. Definitely going on my “see again” list.

I don’t see much theatre but I make an exception for Bryan Dick’s latest play if I can. You may know him as the boy who got flogged in Master & Commander or as “the bloke from All the Small Things” or even as Wee Blythe from Blackpool. Or Sykes from Being Human or Adam from Torchwood. Mostly he’s in plays in and around London these days and mostly I try to see them. I’m up to four in the last eight years and this one was called Years of Sunlight. As per usual – I glance at the reviews – he was the shining star of the entire production. And he’s pretty.

A stalwart of favourites posts. But I didn’t go shopping in February, unless you count buying a Pax Lodge t-shirt, replacing a pair of trainers that fell apart while I was watching Years of Sunlight or buying a Trefoil Guild jacket to keep warm at Pax Lodge.

I… I don’t really listen to music much either. I have my iPod on in my car but there’s very little that’s been added to it since 2011 and there wasn’t much then. I still like Taylor Swift and my go-to drown-out-the-emetophobia music is still Them Crooked Vultures and my play-it-loud-in-the-car music is still the Scissor Sisters. We’ve been listening to Smooth Radio at work and although it’s a touch mumsy, sometimes it plays songs I remember I like. I’ll make an effort to note them down in time for my March favourites.

Well, I saw the Northern Lights and that’s got to be a highlight. I saw them twice. Seeing central London from Parliament Hill was pretty magical. Being offered a second job was great.

And that’s all I did in February. Actually, literally all I did.


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