The dreaded dentist

No, I'm not going to the dentist. But three of my eight colleagues have been in the last week so we've been talking about it a lot at work. I have a ridiculously over-sensitive gag reflex. It means a dentist can't even give me a quick check-up. When I was seventeen or eighteen, I broke... Continue Reading →

March favourites

Where has March gone? It seems five minutes ago it was February and I was in Norway. It's time to do my March Favourites and... it doesn't feel like I've had any. March has been mostly work, Guides/Rangers and catching up on sleep. Clothes I bought some jeans! I haven't had jeans for years and... Continue Reading →

Schooling in Switzerland

Right now, as this is published, I'm in Switzerland. I used to live in Switzerland, in fact. I was a student and I had a compulsory year spent studying in a region that spoke my language, which was French (and Spanish, but we don't talk about that). I never fancied the Riviera or Paris but... Continue Reading →

I don’t love Disney…

When I was little, a relative I'd never met used to send us BHS vouchers every Christmas, which our parents exchanged for cash and then used to buy socks. My sister & I developed a tradition of buying Disney videos with this money - not the movies, we bought Chip & Dale and Ducktales. I... Continue Reading →

What’s In My Bag?

Another post more suited to YouTube - everyone likes to have a nose at what people are carrying around with them, so here's my bag and its contents. The bag Over the years I've had an assortment of bags and backpacks but in January, I decided it was time I had a proper bag like... Continue Reading →

Farscape: the love of my life

In the last week or so, I've been wondering if it's entirely normal to have next to no interest in TV, whether said lack of interest is a bit hipsterish and whether it's something I want to work on. I like stories and I used to like watching TV, so maybe it's something I can... Continue Reading →

Plan with me!

Hello, people! Today I'm going to be showing you my diary! Or my planner, or my journal or my... whatever you prefer to call it. I've been keeping a diary since 2011. It's always been the Moleskine Weekly Notebook, usually in hardback red, occasionally in softback black and always in Large except one occasion when... Continue Reading →

My first ever Primark haul!

Oh, I've watched a few Primark hauls on YouTube but I've never been to Primark and just hauled. I go there if there's something I need or if I think I might fancy buying a thing or two but mostly I just buy plain men's t-shirts in assorted colours. However, I've been trying to be a... Continue Reading →

February favourites!

I didn't have time for a lot of favourites in February. I was away the first weekend at Sparkle & Ice, a winter survival camp with my Guides which was hellish, I spent the next week and a half cleaning and drying tents, going to work, sleeping and then packing up said tents. I slept the next... Continue Reading →

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