I started this blog aaaages ago… and then didn’t have the time or inclination or imagination to keep going.

Hello. In this corner of the internet I’m Juliet, a century or so ago I’d have been called a spinster (verging on Old Maid at this point) because *shock and horror* – I’m an adult of marriageable age who is not married!

But it’s 2017. I am a 21st Century Spinster (wishing the 21st century was a bit more like Gerry Anderson’s vision – more flying cars, more shiny silver bodysuits) and this blog is an attempt to document life as a disgraceful single woman (who really hates the W word. I’m too old for “girl” and too young and urchin-like for “lady”. Any ideas for alternatives?

So let’s start with a few things I’ve enjoyed recently.

  • Music

I bought the latest Foo Fighters album earlier in the week, Concrete and Gold. Foo Fighters work great for me in principle but in reality, they’ve never managed to spark any passion in me. That said, I love The Sky Is A Neighbourhood and the rest of the album tickles some of my band-camp-geek bones. Not that I went to band camp but I was in senior choir at school, and early music group and I finally rose from third clarinet to first after six years by virtue solely of being the oldest clarinetist in the entire school. Not out of talent with the thing, I assure you.

  • Comedy

I went to see Ed Byrne in Winchester last night. He’s very good and very lovely in person, he thinks a lot about what he’s saying and I recommend him highly. Paul Myrehaug, his support act, is also very good – I have never heard an audience laugh so much at a support act as at his utterage of the words “zookeeper, Steve”. Please do go and see Ed in Southampton in February.

  • Books

The Book of Dust is out at last! I’ve only read a chapter and a half so far but it has the same feel as His Dark Materials. It’s like putting on old comfy clothes. Oh – and last Friday I published a book. You can buy it if you want.

  • Clothes

I bought some starry boots from Primark last week. They’re a little too big but they’re so pretty. I wear them to work with my matching starry jumper. A few years ago I bought some neon orange Cintamani mittens (which I adore!) and last time I was in Iceland, I bought the matching headband to keep my ears warm. Except when I got outside, I discovered they weren’t a matching neon orange but a sort of neon rose pink. Still, it keeps my ears warm and further searching around Iceland suggests it doesn’t currently exist in neon orange. Nonetheless, I will keep looking for it in future.

  • Technology

I bought a new phone two weeks ago. My one has been in appalling health for so long I can’t remember it working properly but it’s still not quite three years old. While I was in Iceland, it tried to burn out the cable but it was in my hand at the time and I caught it quickly. A few days after I got back, I wasn’t watching it and it burnt out big time. When I pulled out the cable, it broke in half and half of it is still melted into the phone. So now I have one that has some space on it, that can actually open and use apps, that has working Bluetooth, that… well, it works and I hadn’t realised what bad condition my old one was in until now.

I want to write more things I’ve enjoyed but between work and Guides and play and writing, I haven’t really had time to enjoy much else. I want to take photos of the things I’ve talked about but my camera is dead and I can’t find the charging wire right now. So… see you the same time next week.